These tapestries were made in collaboration with the Tasara Centre for Creative Weaving,North Beypore, Kerela State, India, a centre with an extraordinary creative ambience where I lived and worked for three months in 2008.
A combination of the different artistic energies of the two brothers who run the centre, Vasudevan and Balakrishnan Tasara, produces a unique atmosphere of exploration and tolerance. This is very important for breaking down barriers and trying different media and approaches. Working together, we came up with appropriate designs for four tapestries. They then oversaw the team of hand weavers who produced the actual works.
I was surrounded by glorious tapestries designed by Balakrishnan and his sister Santha, whilst living in a beautiful house designed by Vasudevan. At mealtime with the family and various guests, I participated in cross cultural conversation whilst eating delicious South Indian food made by the two sisters, Santha and Vishu Tasara. This all added to the cultural experience immensely.
These designs came about as a result of this fusion of my European cultural sensibilities and my response to living in this particular South Indian tropical environment.   

Hidden Paradise I Hidden Paradise II
Hidden Paradise III Hidden Paradise IV