Conflunence: A merging of two streams

Confluence: a merging of two streams was launched on the 13 June 2014 at 12 noon in the The Hamilton Gallery, 4 Castle St. Sligo tel 071 914 3377. The exhibition was opened by the Indian Ambassador to Ireland, H.E. Smt. Radhika.

Trying to connect Ireland and India has been a major concern in my work, as I have lived in both countries for the last 7 years. My concerns are to do with spirituality and landscape. I have collaborated with traditional Irish musicians, in the past, and was delighted to know that Sean O'Riada, the Irish composer, said that the way to understand both Irish and Indian music was the same - through the heart. Poetry has been a major concern of mine and I have collaborated with the Indian poet Sudeep Sen. Again it was the spirituality and sensuousness in his work that attracted me to work with him. Now I turn my attention to the link between Yeats' poetry and Vedic spirituality. I am seeking harmony through my work and both Yeats and the ancient Vedas sought peace." Janet Pierce 2014

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