REVIEW of LADAKH by Sudeep Sen/Janet Pierce by Shuvashree Ghosh

Shuvashree GhoshShuvashree Ghosh was born in Kolkata, India. During a career spanning over 18 years, she worked in managerial capacities with companies such as Titan Industries, Shoppers Stop, Jet Airways, ITC Sheraton Hotels, and as Senior Consultant – Executive Search, with Ma Foi Randstad India. Currently she runs a printing press and is married to a Chennai-based writer and journalist.


'Janet Pierce’s luminously exotic creations, her use of myriad shades of watercolour, on which in her words she- “draws on top and plays with the surfaces until they start to sing,” starkly bring alive the imagery of Sudeep Sen’s words, to transport one to the Himalayan ranges, for a spiritually elevating and rejuvenating sojourn.  Their collection of poems and paintings titled Ladakh- guide you alluringly through the Zoji La Pass – “at 12,000 feet slopes steeply. Hard snow cut into two by winding tarmac – a severe cold-slice freezing to a stand-still.” Then bring you out into Drypoint Plates- “Slants, slides and slopes of striated mud-screens – barren altitude’s blank-plate burr-” where “Soldiers guard this unforgiving landscape standing firm in their allegiance, mouths covered in black combat-veil, skin ruddy in UV light.”

Purchase "LADAKH"

LADAKH for SaleRecently Published Art/Poetry book "Ladakh" is available for purchase €20 + €1.50 P&P, via PayPal. Janet worked with poet Sudeep Sen to create this beautiful book available here direct from the artist.

After a visit of the Zanskar –Indus Valley, Sudeep Sen takes you along to Kargil where in his words - “Ten years on, I came searching for war signs of the past expecting remnants – magazine debris, unexploded shells, shrapnel that mark bomb wounds.” He is still your chaperon as he charmingly leads you in a palanquin of crisp words through Drass- “world’s second coldest inhabited town” into a Buddhist Gompa through Magnetic Hill, as Janet Pierce continues to hold a vibrant sparkler-torch at every page, to illuminate Sudeep Sen’s word imagery. The Prayer Flag reveals the synchronised, symphonic culmination of Sudeep Sen’s words and images, along with Janet Pierce’s brilliant artwork. Finally, together they lead you to Ireland and introduce you to Guinness and Ballynahinch. Your excursion forlornly ends with Annaghmakerrig- “brings India home to its Big House as it enacts a power cut-leaving just a hint of light.” But the assurance that you can retreat to this serenity and peace by reopening the covers of Ladakh and allow your soul to soak in Rain anytime, is heartening.  "