Sacred Notes: a Passage of the Soul

This particular body of work came about as a result of a mystical experience at the source of the holy river Ganges, high up in the lower Himalyas, where I spent a month meditating and painting in February 2006.

My Indian friend, had built a house near Gerwhal, and she invited me there for a month in February 2006. She explained much to me historically, culturally and spiritually about Indian life and exposed me to many experiences I could never have had as a European alone.

Following, as I do, the teachings of the Indo Carribean Guru, Sri Vasudeva, I took that opportunity in Gerwhal, to do some intense meditation and painting. The word OM, from the ancient Sanskrit alphabet, is the sound of the Universe or the Source or God, and reflected my desire to return to that Sacred Space within, through meditation.

When I returned to Ireland, I found my work had changed, I could no longer go back. A certain peace had entered my consciousness and therefore the imagery had altered appropriately.

Using gold and silver leaf from Old Dehli, these new abstract works on paper have resulted in an intensification of earlier considerations, my hunger for transcendence realized through the contemplation of landscape and of the cosmos.

Janet Pierce 2006 ©

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